Our objectives are to enable the poorest to access health care and to improve the autonomy of carers.

Our particularity :

  • we operate in countries where access to healthcare is difficult for the poor

  • we offer basic training in acupuncture to local carers, in order to improve their autonomy and enable them to care for people without financial ressources

How ?

Our action plan takes place in several stages :

  • an exploratory mission, following a formal request for intervention, in order to study the relevance and feasibility of the requested ASF mission

  • theoretical and practical training sessions over several years

  • exam at the end of the training with ASF training certificate

  • commitment of trained carers to provide free care for poor patients

  • provision of educational and acupuncture materials

A full ASF mission is carried out over several sessions set up over several months :

  • usually 4 to 5 training sessions of 15 days to 3 weeks within 2 years  + regular follow-up which are essential (every year if possible)

  • ASF training sessions are provided by two training practitioners

  • between 7 and 25 caregivers are trained per mission

  • cost of a mission: 10 to 20 000€ depending on the country and the complexity of the logistics

  • all ASF actors are volunteers

ASF is asking the volunteer practitioners :

  • to share their acupuncture expertise

  • to provide basic theoretical and practical training in acupuncture

  • to provide the basic teaching material : books, handouts, acupuncture chart.....

  • to provide the necessary therapeutic equipment: needles, moxas, sterilizers

  • to ensure the implementation and proper use of the acupuncture equipment provided

  • to ensure over the years the monitoring and evaluation of this training

  • to ensure the training of trainers, thus allowing complete autonomy

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